Juan Carlos

Congratulations Juan Carlos for being our Ambassador of the Month! Below you can find the image that we selected from our #WaxAndWheels contest that won him this title, a few extra images and our explanation of why he won:

Why we chose Juan:

We recognize that people go out and do some epic stuff and we wanted to capture that. What Juan Carlos captured in this shot is exactly what this contest is about - pure insanity, adrenaline spiking maneuvers and getting it all on film.

Meet Juan:

What is your name and/or nickname?

Juan Carlos Gerena / Burger

How did you get your nickname?

I got my nickname from the locals at Jobos Beach. Some old guy called me Burger, I got mad and then everyone calls me Burger now haha


Jobos Beach, Isabela, Puerto Rico

Sports you like to participate in?


Favorite pair of Anarchy Shades?


Why Anarchy?

Why not?! All the shades look sick!

Any other sponsors?

DVO, Solid Surfboards, Monster, DVS, Body Glove

What is something you are looking forward to in 2015 / 16?

Making the Puerto Rico surf team this year and keep improving my rental rooms in PR so if you surf and you have a trip to Puerto Rico, come stay with me at Jobos Beach! Email: juanky765@gmail.com

Past Winners

Ed Haponik

Past Ambassador Ed Haponik

For your chance at being our Ambassador of the month, tag Anarchy Eyewear on any social media and use the hashtags #waxandwheels #anarchyeyewear to be entered! For more details click here and to view the official rules click here.