Buster Polarized

Striped Demi / Green

  • 100% UVA/UVB Protection
  • Polarized lenses reduce reflected glare
  • Meets CE Standards
Description & Specs
A man named Frank Nasworthy changed the world in 1972. Know where we’re going with this? How about if I mentioned the business ‘Cadillac Wheels’? Arguably speaking, Frank revived skateboarding from a trending death and created urethane wheels, which most of us use today. Clay wheels, yes like terracotta, were unreliable, unstable and caused many injuries due to crumbling or breaking. Imagine enjoying the sun, cruising down to the corner store and you faceplant in front of that pretty girl you haven’t had the courage to talk to…Akward. Well, Buster is like the urethane wheel of sunglasses; dependable, worn by many, diverse and loved by those who have them. You won’t have to worry about falling on your face with a pair of Buster’s.
SKU 10217508.QTM
Style Name Buster
Frame Color Striped Demi
Lens Color Green
Shape Rectangle
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